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You can contact Holly via email on if you have any queries about readings and other events, creative writing workshops or lectures, permissions to use extracts, editing and collaborative work, or stockists of books. You can also email requests for signed copies of books and promotional material.


My newest writing is a chapter on microfiction in the textbook British Women Short Story Writers: From the New Woman to Now (available from Edinburgh University Press, here.

You can buy my short story ‘The Weather Man’, in Beacons here


Order The Schoolboy here. You can order an e-book version here. (These links will take you directly to the Amazon.)

ISBN: 978-1905614882

Order Dinner Time and Other Stories here or contact Holly directly on


ISBN: 978-1905614530

You can buy Exposure, an anthology of prose poems and microfictions edited by Holly Howitt and Jan Fortune-Wood here

ISBN: 978-1907090233