Report from Hay

I got back from Hay about a week ago, but it’s taken me this long to put anything up, so apologies for that. Hay was amazing, in the true and proper sense of the word. It was odd, and somehow rather wondrous to be treated like a VIP, if only for one day. Me, Kate, Mike and the Cinnamon team were assigned a PA/guide who was lovely and looked after us, escorting us to the stage and then on to sign books in the main tent. I think the reading was OK – the venue wasn’t full, which was disappointing, but there was a great crowd and there were laughs and gasps. That was great for me, because at my launch I couldn’t really hear the audience’s reaction. I also had lots of interesting questions posed at the reading, and I loved being able to discuss my work with the audience. I then went for a massive celebratory lunch of steak (steak! I know!) and felt thoroughly sick on the way home.

Oh, and note to self: don’t wear a rara dress in the wind.

I will put up pictures from Hay as soon as I have them. Unfortunately I put a bit of a ban on any flash pictures as the venue was so dark it was distracting (as it was, I could barely see to read!), so some are quite blurry.

Thanks to all who came for such a marvellous day!