News from the other side of the launch


Firstly, I’m really sorry to those of you who read this blog avidly (you may be few, but you mean a lot to me). The site has been down for the past week or so, no thanks to my evil ex-webhost. We are no longer on speaking terms and it was a bad break-up. But it’s good to be back online.

So anyway, the launch! I think it went quite well – I was thrilled with the amount of people who turned up, and the good reaction to the book. It was pretty weird sitting up on stage and signing copies of my book. I was doubly pleased as my publisher announced that she is also taking on my novella, which is due out next year. Obviously, I have been doing one-handed cartwheels across the living room ever since. I do have some more launch photos which I will put up very soon, so keep them peeled.

Hay tickets are now available from and it’d be lovely to see you there. Tickets are a mini £5 so please come and support Dinner Time, as well as Kate North and Mike Jenkins’ novel and novella respectively.



Launch and Hay

It’s less than a week to the launch and I’m starting to get very nervous. I can’t decide what pieces to read… I hope I don’t babble incomprehensibly. It’ll start at about 7.30pm (if I haven’t already put you off). The date is, as ever, 24th April.

The date for my reading at the Hay festival is fixed, I believe, for Thursday, May 29th at 11.30 am. More details are to follow.


The launch for ‘Dinner Time and Other Stories’, my collection of microfictions, is set for 24th April, 2008. It’ll be held at the Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. Please feel free to drop me an email for more information. I can’t wait!